Kibana how to hide panels and display them after filter

Hi, I would like to ask a question about Kibana. I would like to hide some panels at the beginning and when I filter, the panels that are hidden show. How can I come true to it? Thanks.

Hi, which part of Kibana are you using?

Hi, Maja @majagrubic Dashboard. Kibana 7.3

Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to show/hide panels on a dashboard based on a condition. You can file a feature request if you need it.

Thanks, Maja. Is it possible to do something like changing the javascript or develop a new plugin by myself to come true?

If you are using OSS version, you can modify the code in whichever way you want. We are also happy to take pull requests from the community. I'd still suggest opening a feature request, so we can better understand what it is exactly that you are trying to do.

Thank you very much. I will send a feature request

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