Kibana Dashboard field value count

Hi All,

I am trying to find a .json script or keyword to count the number of field value count in Kibana dashboard, let me know if there is any way to do it, it will be very helpful.

What do you mean by "the number of field value count"?
Is it a document count with the field exting? Or Unique value count in that field? Or the sum of the length of array type field?


As i am trying to implement this below formula, as i need to count LOGIN & HEARTBEAT values in dashboard to get the results as per the formula.

below formula.

7.5min +15 *[ count of ("LOGIN" + "HEARTBEAT" -1) records]

Sorry, I cannot understand the formula..

As i just need to count the values of LOGIN & Heartbeat by .json if it's achieved somehow i can implement the formula in dashboard or how to count any values in dashboard any idea's will be helpful.

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