Kibana dashboard for index pattern with no time filter field still has date picker

Hi Kibana community!

I've got an index pattern with that doesn't use a time filter field. However, in my Kibana dashboard, there is still a a date picker next to the filter bar. In my discover tab, there is no date picker for this index because the discover tab is limited to only one index pattern (hence it can remove the date picker).

In one dashboard, there can be multiple index patterns, so I can understand keeping the date picker there in case another index in the dashboard has a date filter. While having the date picker persist in the dashboard regardless of the index pattern is simpler to develop, it is confusing to an end user who can change the date picker and see nothing happen.

For those wondering why I do not to use a time filter: I have multiple time based fields (say start date time and end date time) and my end user may want to filter off of only start or only end time. Hence, I don't want to have one of these fields permanently fixed to an index pattern.

Please review my logic here and let me know if I am overlooking an existing way to remove the date picker!


@NickBook I reviewed your logic and I got ya.

I would open up an improvement request in Kibana repo for this.


For anyone who stumbles across this topic, please refer to this feature improvement on the Kibana repo:

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