Kibana dashboard new add page?

I working kibana dev platform.

It i not clear what you are asking. Please elaborate.

you're obviously not involved in this business
who knows directly answers.
Waiting for answers from friends about this job.

Do you really think your initial post contains enough information for someone to understand what you are asking without having to ask a lot of follow up questions to clarify? If you put more effort into your question and clearly explain the problem at hand it is more likely that someone will respond and you are likely to solve the problem quicker.

There is also no need to be rude when I am just trying to help.

The question I asked is a basic question.
This is a question that can be easily understood and answered easily by friends who develop within kibana.

This forum is read by a large number of people and there are a lot of posts that initially are not clear and it is often hard to determine whether it is a basic or advanced question. To me, and probably many others, it is not immediately clear that this is a question I will not be able to help with as I am not involved in Kibana development. If you had explained a bit more about the problem it would helped me judged whether I should try to help or not and I would not have wasted time on my weekend annoying you.

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