Kibana Dashboard PDF and PNG reporting options missing


We just updated our Elastic to 7.14 version and enabled reporting for users by this guide: Configure reporting in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic

After update the PDF and PNG reporting options are not available in dashboard:

When i open individual Kibana visualization from visualize library the PDF and PNG options are available:

We have Gold license so the license favor should be fine.

Has anyone had a similar problem ?

Before kibana.yml change, the PDF and PNG reporting options was available:

This sounds like something is misconfigured in either the role, kibana privilege, or user. Can you provide the configuration for a user along with all roles for that user and the kibana privileges for each role?


I took the screenshot's using my personal account and i have superadmin role to all indexs and "all" privilege to Kibana

The space privileges option in role should be option as follows:

In our environment, we do not have that kind of option:

We also updated to the latest version on Elastic, 7.15.2 but that did not help solve the problem.

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