Kibana Dashboard Queries

(piyush) #1

Hi Team,
I shipped tomcat logs logstash=>ES and now visualizing in Kibana. Here i need some tips.

Row of my logs becomes filed=message (index) and if i query for user=xyz and filter as 400, i can find a graph saying xyz user got 20 400 errors.

But i am trying to generalize it as "how many users got 400 errors or how may POST/GET request etc"
how can i build a generalized logic here?

this is how field=message looks like:

IP "GROUP Name" ID [Timestamp] "REST Call" return-code bit "URL" "Browser Details" userid count

Thanks & Regards...

(piyush) #2

I figured it out...Basic Visualization is in place. Thanks...

(Tanya Bragin) #3

Thanks for letting us know!

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