Kibana dashboard share without login

Is there a way to share the Kibana Dashboard URL with users.

when i try to share the URL it redirects to the login page. I cannot share the login credentials to the users (it is a demo i'm working on and client expects to see the dashboard remotely - not in my network)

I'm using ELK on cloud.

  1. Sharing snapshot,
  2. sharing the saved dashboard

Both ask for login credentials when URL's are shared across - I do not want this to happen. Is there a way i can achieve this.

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Which version of Kibana are you on ?

I guess you are using the Security plugin from X-Pack? You can assign the visitor-user read-only priviliges on the .kibana index. That way, they cannot modify any of the dashboards and visualizations.

You might also be interested in 280. Starting from 5.4, when sharing Dashboards, they will be shared in "view-only" mode, so visitors to shared dashboard will not see the editing-links. That will work without the Security-plugin too. 5.4 is the next upcoming minor release, which is coming soon.

I suggest you the following blogs for more information:


thanks for the reply,
I'm on 6.2. and yes i have xpack..
I have created a new user, but the user is unable to see the index and hence the viz is empty.
attached the sreeen.

Can you please post the roles which you have assigned to the user ? Does he have the right permissions required?The user needs read access to the .kibana index in order to see the dashboards available.

Grants the minimum privileges required for any user of Kibana. This role grants access to the Kibana indices and grants monitoring privileges for the cluster.

Please check this link too:


Hi Rashmi,

I have put all roles available in the Kibana default roles section
Kibana_user, kibana_global_level, kibana_local_level, kibana_system, reporting_user, kibana_dashboard_only_user - tried all these roles individually (logged out and logged in after change) and also combined all roles together.. Still face the same issue. :frowning:
please suggest.

Could you try giving the user read and view_index_metadata privileges on .kibana? That should give the user read-only access to the dashboard. Note, however, that UI elements to alter the dashboard will still be shown but they just won't function.


Okay, so i did give the permissions as said.

added the indexes and the "read", "view_index_metadata" privileges as well.
It is showing the dashboards as expected.

all is well, but no data in the viz. of the created user. suggest.

  1. Observed some inconsistencies in user creation: user credentials are throwing out an error if there is a change in the roles(role updates) - had to create a new user/roles all again during experimenting.


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