Kibana dashboard table view results in "Aborted"

Currently we have a large Dashboard displaying multiple visualizations. However, since 8.4.0 we encounter on the following message on two table views in Kibana. I'm not sure if it is a problem with a timeout or response size or anything. It seems to happen on Dashboards with a lot of visualizations. When i go into "Inspect" of the visualization i see the data but it is displayed as in the following screenshot:

After clicking on the refresh button the data is displayed correctly but on the initial load of the dashboard it shows as aborted.

When i isolate the two views in a dedicated dashboard the data is loaded correctly. Is there a way to debug what could be wrong?

Advanced Settings -> Maximum rows per table seems to have an impact. 500 Default gives me the Aborted. 100 is fine.

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Are you using the new controls ?