Table View not loading on Dashboard without manual "Refresh"

Strange Issue, not sure how to debug. We habe a dashboards with several elements. Everything works fine except the table views they either don't load like below or generate the message "aborted". The query complexity is the same as with other Lens visualizations so i think this might be a specific issue with the table view. If anyone has an idea...many thanks :slight_smile: I think this issue started to come up on version 8.4.0 of the elastic-stack.

currently running elastc-stack: 8.4.1
no filters set
browser cache cleared / multiple browsers tested

initial load of dashboard:

clicking on refresh button resolves issue (content blurred)

sometimes, the table view are displayed like this:

This definitely feels like a bug, thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.

I've filled an issue in the Kibana repository, please feel free to chime in if you want to provide further details or feedback.

Many thanks. I've just upgraded to 8.4.2 and restarted all of our nodes.

However, the issue as reported above still persists and i do get the "Aborted" messages on an initial load of a Dashboard. But only in the table view. However, if I click on refresh, the data is loaded correctly. I think there is still an issue with the table view that should be looked into further. I will try to test this on a clean system with docker but for me it still looks like the issue persists.

I've tested again on different browsers (Edge, Safari) on macOS and Windows

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