Kibana Dashboard Two Charts Within a Single Panel

Hi there,

I came across the below image while I was browsing the forum and I wonder if you can give some info on the following 2 things...

1 - What are the steps for placing two charts, see User Authentications, within a one panel.
2 - What are the steps for creating a menu like the one showing "All Hosts, Authentications ..."

Any steps or references to documentation would be great,



Hi- that's a screenshot of a page within Kibana, looks like SIEM. Because Dashboard is a separate app in Kibana it has its own rules, and each panel is separate. You can create a similar layout by using the resizable panels in Dashboard.

Got it, and same with the menu ... correct?

Thanks @wylie


Pretty much. Some users will set up links between dashboard using Markdown controls or using the Dashboard-to-dashboard drill down feature.

Perfect, thanks @wylie for your answers


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