Kibana dashboard without timestamp field


I have created a dashboard in kibana.

All 2 objects of that dashboard are generated from the index pattern of the following image that do not contain a timestamp field because i dont need it.

My problem is that in the dashboard i get in the top right corner the date option but i done need it since the data of the dashboard do not contain a timestamp field.

How can i remove from my dashboard the time from the top right corner (see image below)?


unfortunately you cannot remove it directly from Kibana.
But if you share it as an iFrame - you have the option of removing just the time filter starting 7.9.0:

Once you copy the URL - you need to remove embed part of the URL and you will have a dashboard without timefilter. 7.9.0 is our upcoming release.


Hello thank you for your reply a lot and also thank you for the workaround proposed.

Generally, Is that possible to be fixed with the new elastic version that will come?

Best regards,

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