Kibana Dashboards

Hi there
I am new with these tool.
I have 3 fields, fecha (@timestanp), transactions and services.
I don´t know how to build a dashborboard counting by transactions and SUM the services using the HOUR of the @timestamp.
PUT muestra
"mappings": {
"properties": {
"fecha": {"type": "date","format": "yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss.SSS" },
"usuario":{ "type": "text"},
"serviceID":{ "type": "text"},
"sesID":{ "type": "text"},
"base":{ "type": "text"},
"sp":{ "type": "text"},
"trn":{ "type": "long"},
"ssn":{ "type": "long"},
"tiempo":{ "type": "long"},
"tiempo_sp":{ "type": "long"},
"observacion":{ "type": "text"}

Ok, so what have you tried and what is and isn't working with that?

With the logstash .conf I extract the hour of the date as a new field, but by another hand I do not know how to build the Kibana dashboard counting and sum by hour.

Thaks @warkolm

What do you want to sum here?

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