Kibana data table issue: Total greater than sum of individual parts

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I'm using a Kibana data table and noticed something curious. When I apply my first keyword filter, I obtain the following count (I am using cumulative sum of unique count):


When I apply the 2nd filter separately, I obtain the following:


However, when I use both keywords in a filter (as an OR statement), I get the following which you'll notice is greater than the sum of the 2 figures above:


Anyone have an idea of what might be causing this? I'd understand if the combined figure were less than the sum of the two components, but that is not the case.


(Nathan Reese) #2

The values provided by the cardinality aggregation are approximate counts. Set precision control for better accuracy.

(Geoffrey) #3

Thanks @Nathan_Reese

it looks like the precision_control threshold still does not allow for exact counts above the max threshold (40,000). Do you know if setting the "size" threshold to 0 works with cardinality aggregation?

Based on this thread it seems like that's an option for getting an exact count, but I can't seem to get it to work with the cardinality aggregation I'm using.

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