Kibana Data Table visualization - advanced filter

I am creating Kibana Dashboard based on log data.
I want to create Data Table for the most common warnings, with some stacktrace info (if exists).
Each entry can contain multiple stacktrace messages, but the first one is most valuable - the one starting with the "Caused by".
This is how my bucket configuration looks now:

And produced result:

I tried to use the Advance -> Include filter with the "Caused.*|Missing", but this filters out all rows, that do not contain any stacktrace.

How to create a filter, that will show only rows, where stacktrace starts with "Caused" or the stacktrace value is missing?

I'm not sure how if the json.stacktrace field is analyzed, but you can probably sort this out with the search bar.
Try with json.stacktrace:"Missing" OR json.stacktrace: Caused*

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