Filtering directly from data table - Kibana dashboard


I have an issue in filtering directly from a data table in Kibana dashboard.

Case 1:
When I select an item, to filter it, from the first page of the table, I can filter without any problem and the filter is applied to the other objects in the dashboard:

Case 2:
But, when I select an item from the second page or the third page .... , I get an error in the table, but the filter is still applied to the other objects in the dashboard.

Case 3:
However, when I add the filter manually using controls, I don't get any issue:

My issue is with case 2, I still want to filter directly from the table, is this a bug in the system?

Kibana version is 8.3.3


Your help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @SaraAlshamsi

Welcome to discuss! Would be helpful if you provide error from browser console.

Thank you, Dima

We were able to reproduce the issue and our team will take care of it. Thank you!

Regards, Dima

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