Filtering data at the selected value in the field

Hello! Tell me, please, whether it is possible to make so that when you click on the field value, the data in another table is filtered according to the pressed value.

Hmm, I don't think this is possible yet. In your example, what is the effect clicking on "3" has on the table below? Does it limit the results to 3? Does it apply a filter?


Yes, the result of clicking on 3 is shown in the table below, but this is not implemented. It must be done, but I do not know how. The result is not limited to a number, the number can be anything. Need help, how can this be realized?

Unfortunately, there's no way to show arbitrary content based on clicking the content of other visualizations. The closest thing that I think we have on our roadmap would be drilldown links in dashboard.

Thanks for answers.

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