Data table: cell customization

I am using kibana-5.6.3-linux-x86_64/

In a data table visualization, on rows, I would like to hide "filter for value" and "filter out value' options, instead I would like to do "filter for value" action when I click on a link field.

The behavior I am looking for is the same as the data table "Projects" on this page:

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Assad Montasser,
Software engineer

Hi Assad,

sorry, but we currently don't have that possibility. But I think, that might be a good feature idea, since that could be toggleable via the options, which of the two behaviors you would like. I've created an issue for that in our bug tracker, that you can follow: #14512


Hi Tim,

ok I understand. Thanks for the reply and thanks for the ticket in your bug tracker.


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