Link Controls with Datatable

I'm using Kibana 7.4.2 and on my dashboard I'd like to have a Drop down(controls) and a data table associated to an index
I've created the following visualizations:

  • Dropdowns(controls) and a
  • Datatable

What I'm struggling is to link the values selected in the list controls with what appears in the Data Table. Would this be possible?

e.g. say I have the following drop down controls
Environment(Linux, Windows)

Datatable (has a list of files greater than 20GB)
File Size

If I have Linux and selected hostname - win1 I see files which are over 20GB in the data table

Thanks for any pointers and guidance.

I'm not sure I'm fully following your question:

Input controls are basically a way of applying filters from a panel in a dashboard, so the filters applied there should definitely update your datatable visualization (assuming you haven't also saved other filters inside your datatable visualization itself).

Perhaps if you posted a screengrab or a sample document that isn't filtering as expected, we might be able to help troubleshoot further?

Hello Rahul,

So input controls (drop downs) can be used as a filter on dashboards. I am not sure which version of the stack you are in. But in the later releases of Kibana (our latest is 7.9.2) - you can install sample data and if you look at flights dashboard - the selection of values - acts as filters on whole of your dashboard as long as they belong to the same data set.

Does that help?


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