Overall dashboard shows wrong data on table visual

Hi all,

Having an issue with visuals data table with memory and data table with interface details.
When I created the visuals the it includes the filter at the top so each table would show a subset.



All visuals saved and added to a dashboard. But on the overall dashboard you can plainly see they are messing them around (Memory details in the interface table which should not be possible based on the filters set on the visual filter.


Interesting and this looks like a possible bug. Can you please let us know which version of the stack you are on?

Also can you see pinned filters on dashboard while you are creating it?( I think you have definitely pinned your filters. But can you please double check it? )


Both ElasticSearch and Kibana are version 6.5.1.
I face this problem both in default Kibana workspace and tested it within private "SPACES" area and just hit this problem again. So yes, pretty much a bug to me. Yes double checked those are pinned.


Can you please log it here and post it?

I will try to repro in my local and add my comment.

Thank you very much!

Ok, I will also raise it against support.

Great. Even better. I hope we know whats up with this very soon.


Ok I found the root cause. We are using a setting in the Kibana config page to "pinned by default".
This should stick the filter we choose for controlbox or other dashboards to "browse". But this setting also apply to visuals you create and hence when you have more visuals around these stick to the new visuals as well and will poison the visuals. Hence Memory and Interface related details will end up without knowing to the same table.

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Great. TIL :slight_smile:
Thanks for keeping us posted.


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