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Hi everyone,

I'm having a issue with my Kibana dashboard. When I add some visualizations, an exclusion filter is added into the single "pie" type visualization. By opening the legend of the pie visualization it reload correctly, without exclusion, until the next refresh (1 minute). I've no issue with the vertical histogram.



Let me know if you need more info.

Hi @MrBenett,

I'm having a hard time understanding these screengrabs; are you saying that the filter you have applied is reset in the pie chart after the next autorefresh? Any more info you can provide around the filters you have applied and how they are being reset would be helpful!



Hi @lukeelmers,

Thank you for helping me.

I'd like to understand why there is a difference between this single visualization as below:

And the way she appears into my dashboard :

If i click on the legend on the upper right corner, the pie visualization looks good until the next refresh.

Actually it appears as they is a exclude matches on the "vw-dacor 01-s" value. That is weird, but as a beginner, may be i forgot something.



Hi @MrBenett - what version of Kibana are you using? 6.6?

Hi @lukeelmers,

I'm using the 6.5.4 version.

I'm no expert, but whenever I am having issues I try to see what JSON requests are being made to Elasticsearch and then try to debug from there.

From visualize: Click Inspect => View: Data => Requests => Request
From dashboard: Click "..." (top right of visualization) => Inspect => View: Data => Requests => Request

Maybe that helps see what the difference is here?

Hi @jong99,

Thank you for helping me. You right, there is a difference. The filter "match_all" appears twice a time in the dashboard request.

How can we modify that according to you ?

Hi everyone,

As info, I totally deleted all my indexes by date through the Index management and recreated my dashboard. It seems to be good today...

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