Kibana data

hello i use filebeat to load data from a virtual machine to Elasticsearch and i found it in discover
as data stream
i just have a question why the number of hits decrease everytime and not still the same

thank u

Hi @kibana_dev_iko,

Just going to read between the lines here, but are you saying that you have the page set to refresh every 10 seconds or so (just picking a time here) and as the time goes by the number of hits goes down? If so, what is happening is the data coming into the datastream is aging out of the timeframe you are looking at so the hits go down.

For example: if you have 653 hits in a 15 minute window, and only have 34 new documents come in eventually the number of hits will move from 653 to 34 (it might jump up to 687 depending upon the data, but would eventually age out of the 15 minute window). I hope I'm explaining that clearly.

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ok i got you and what i can do to avoid this case

Depends upon your use case, but you could try setting the timeframe to "Today" that way it increase throughout the day. It would then start counting up tomorrow.

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okey thank you

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