Kibana DAU/MAU ratio

Faced with the problem of creating a fairly banal visualisation.
I'd like to get information on the so-called stikness ratio, or dau/mau ratio (daily active users/monthly active users). Technically, it can probably be done somehow through a regular formula, but I could not find a way to display a time interval in the formula (data for 30 days, for example). The best thing I found was a comparison of indicators for yesterday compared to the day 30 days ago. But this is absolutely not what I need. Is it possible to display the interval in the formula?
Something like:
(unique_count(account_id, kql='timestamp < now-1d'))/(unique_count(account_id, kql='timestamp < now-30d')) but with time interval, not time shift.

is it possible?

Still want to know:(

the only way I would see this doable is to use an enrichment processor in Logstash while ingesting the data that calculates the monthly active users up until the document that is ingested. It's not really a great way of doing it. Also, you might want to look into Canvas and ESSQL as they might be able to help.

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