Kibana Dev Tools: How to execute multiple statements in one shot?

We don't have access to ssh/backend/elastic-port directly. So the only interaction we have is with Kibana's DEV console to update and retrieve data

So i've around 60 commands (mainly deleting and creating watchers) and these changes often. Is there any way I can

  • Call a loop of these commands in DEV console?
  • Any option to paste all of them and run in a serial manner without user clicking on each of them one by one?

Hi @kelk
Depending on how big all those commands are you actually just need to highlight them all and then click run on the first 1 and they will all execute in order

Not sure if that is what you are asking.

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ah.ok. Didn't know that, as I always was running one by one and good to know.
it was as simple as that :slight_smile:

(but would be great if dev tools could trigger from a file too)

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