Kibana Dev Tools: can the commands in console be saved?

Right now, the commands in the Kibana Dev Tools console appears to be tied to the browser. If you change computers or use a different browser session, it is gone completely.

It is probably implemented this way because they are meant to be short-lived. In my use case though, I keep many frequently used management-related commands directly in the console so I can debug issues or get info quickly.

Here’s a sample of what I keep in the console:

GET /_cat/indices?s=index
GET /_cat/indices?s=store.size
GET /_cat/indices?health=yellow
GET /_cat/allocation?v&s=node
GET /_cat/aliases?v
GET /_cat/health
GET /_cat/nodes?v&s=name
GET /_cat/nodeattrs?v&s=name
GET /_cat/shards?v&s=index
GET /_cat/templates?v&s=name
GET /_cat/thread_pool?v&s=node_name
GET /_cluster/allocation/explain
GET _tasks

As I use these quite often, I find myself saving the entire console to a text file that I can retrieve when I am on a different computer. Can these in fact be saved?

Additionally (Feature Request):

I realize that the console is not intended as a control panel — but would you in fact consider having some type of dashboard / GUI that have a few buttons to define your own commands to run?

I feel that this would be very useful.

Hello @smlbiobot

Here's a feature request issue that matches your request -

As far as the control panel is concerned, you might consider writing a kibana plugin - or writing a small app that makes requests to your elasticsearch cluster.

Generally speaking, we attempt to automate or provide apis for any management concerns.


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