Console query organization (workspaces?)

Console is a fantastic tool which is simple and easy to use.

However, when I use console, I tend to leave queries lying around. Over time, it becomes difficult to manage.

Some of the queries are related to tasks I regularly perform (rolling restarts, index management, misc analysis).
I've taken a few stabs at organizing my queries within console, but it becomes very unwieldy over time (lots of scrolling).

What I'm looking for is some way to organize "workspaces" or "pages" within Console which contain a subset of queries.

This could potentially be used in a way to complement the fantastic documentation from the site (i.e. click here to download the Console workspace for this documentation).

Hi Jonathan, this is a great idea! It sounds like a feature we could add. Would you mind creating a new Issue which describes this feature? This will give our team and the community a chance to discuss it and create some pull requests for it.



Thanks man!

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