Commands typed in console are showing up in all users

I created to two users, 'user1' and 'user2'.

Now, if I type anything in user1 account's console, it shows in user2's console as well.
eg: GET _cat/indices typed in user1's console shows in user2 as well.
If I type from 'elastic' account, still it shows in all user's console.

I want each user console to be seperate. How do I do that?

I take it that by console you mean the console in Dev tools in Kibana. The queries you type in the console are stored in your browser's local storage and not on the Kibana instance. The reason you see them with all the users you try is that you are logging in to Kibana from the same Browser and same browser profile ( hence the same local storage ).

If you want to use the same browser and browser profile for all your users logging in to Kibana and you don't want them to see what queries the others run, then you need to disable the local storage in your Browser ( if your browser supports that ). Otherwise, each user could have their own OS user account or their own browser profile ( hence different local storage ).

Hope this helps

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yeah, that worked.
Thank you so much

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