Kibana development with static type system

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This topic is meant to discuss what are the future plans for development in Kibana. I was wondering if the team has considered writing Kibana in latest Angular framework or perhaps something else entirely. I believe React was brought up by a team member once? One thing I would really like to see is Kibana written using a static type system. The wild west that is JavaScript rears it's ugly head at times when looking through the code base which happens to all JavaScript projects.

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We're actively developing components in react, and have ruled out angular 2 for now, but we are working to re-architect Kibana a bit so we can have better isolation between parts of Kibana so we can experiment with things like Angular 2 (or some of the concepts behind it, like Typescript). We've also been doing some experimenting with Typescript in the context of this new platform

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This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. It's good to see the team putting effort into this.
Thank you.

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