Angular 2/4

Are there any plans or is there discussion of future development of Kibana in Angular 2/4 or any other modern front-end framework? Angular (X) would be a pretty big deal to our company for integration and customization.

There's no work going on to migrate to Angular 2+, currently most of the new code going in is transitioning to React. With that said, a plugin should be able to use the newer version barring any global interactions between 1 and 2+ that cause errors.

A plugin? I'm not sure if I'm following. So is there a goal to transition 100% to React? Is there more information on this somewhere?

No, there's no goal currently to transition 100% to React. It's more along the lines of making kibana interfaces framework agnostic, and using any frameworks on top of that. has a writeup of the direction we're going in - sorry should have shared that initially.

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