Kibana plugin upgrade

I had developed a Kibana plugin for Kibana 5.5.2, and now I want to use it in Kibana 7.6. It is a simple application that reads and writes some data from/to the ES "server" but it was created as a Kibana plugin because we make use of some visualizations provided.

My main question is: can I still use Angular for the plugin, or will I have to use React (therefore I will have to rewrite the UI)?

And, if yes, will I still be able to use Angular in Kibana 8? Because I see that several things regarding plugins will change in Kibana 8.


Yeah, unfortunately (or rather fortunately) we're deprecating Angular. The current plan is drop it completely in 8.0.

I'd definitely encourage you go through this guide and try to migrate your plugin to new "Kibana Platform" - it's going to be much more capable and stable starting from 8.0. Majority of the Kibana built-in plugins has already migrated too, not all though.

Feel free to join our Community Slack, there is a bunch of great community plugin developers there that can help as well.


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