Migrating Kibana Plugins from Angular.js


I have an application with Elasticsearch 7.9.3 and Kibana 7.9.3 with some plugins which are written in plain Angular.js (directives, controllers, templates etc.) and no React code.

I plan on migrating and upgrading to Kibana 7.17 or 8.X, and I am aware of the fact that starting from Kibana 7.10, the plugins written in Angular.js are not supported. I am well aware of the fact that the most encouraged solution in this scenario is to migrate the code to React, but the codebase is pretty stuffed and big and it would be a real pain to rewrite it and it would consume a lot of time for this. Another drawback with this scenario would be the fact that the plugins structure might change sometime in the future again and we'll have to rewrite it again.

This is a potentially good solution, but my question would be if you have encountered these type of problems before and if you could tell what are some potential solutions and approaches to make the migration as easy as possible?

Hi @Neeecu,

Please avoid reposting the same question multiple times. I'll respond back on the main thread.

Hello @carly.richmond!

Thank you for your reply! I am aware that spamming the same question is not a good practice, but I wanted to put my question out again, to hear from others some ideas or workarounds for migrating legacy plugins

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