Kibana's AngularJS upgrade date? Migration to React?

From what I've seen in the release notes, the last AngularJS upgrade was made in the Kibana version 6.3.0 as Angular was upgraded to version 1.6.9.
Do you have plans to upgrade AngularJS to a later version, as 1.7.7 or 1.7.8? If so, could you tell me when would this be happening?
On the other hand, I've read about Kibana migrating from AngularJS to React. Do you have an approximate date for when the migration would be completed?
Thank you in advanced!

The Kibana team is in the process of migrating Kibana to the new platform. One of the new platform goals is to remove angular for dependency injection and routing. Plugins will still be able to use angular for rendering if desired.

You can follow the progress at

Thank you for your response!
My concern is that my client requests me to have the latest version of Angular -1.7.8- in my Kibana app. Will you be upgrading to that version? If so, do you have an estimate date?

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