Angular or React for external kibana plugin


I am creating an external kibana plugin (which will be a bug project).
Which is recommended for the same: Angular JS or React JS?


React. That is what Kibana uses so might as well match.

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The plugin is going to be an enterprise application... so will be really big

Is it okay to move with React?

I've seen Angular is used for enterprise level applications


You can honestly use either. Whatever you are most comfortable with. Both will work with a large enterprise application.

It would just be easier to use React since most other plugins and the core of Kibana use it. Very easy to integrate with other plugins and borrow code from the repository.


I've read in a blog that Kibana and its plugins have shifted from angular to react

So later on... will the support for angular be removed?

I'm not aware of plans to remove Angular support, but happy to be corrected. I'm basing this off of an old discuss post.

To build on Aaron's point, the EUI (Elastic UI) component library is written in React, and there is a good Hello World tutorial in the repo to help you get started. Therefore for consistent look and feel with Kibana it may be helpful for you to use React.

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