Kibana did not load properly error message

I'm getting this screen once in a while (not every load- more like once in 20 loads)
anything to do with it?


Can you copy/paste the server logs here whether everything unusual is showing up? Also, in which way of installing/running Kibana?

hey, it's hosted on azure.
I'll try to find the log record

after the upgrade to 7.6.1 I'm getting this (again- not every load)

btw, maybe it will help: I think that most of the times it happens when I'm doing right click on a link in kibana -> open in new tab. maybe even open a few 'new tabs', and part of then fails to load

nothing in the logs ( > deployment> logs)

Still getting errors from time to time when loading pages in kibana. (about 10-20 times a day)
Is there a way to look at Kibana logs in the hosted elastic? (

Hi @liorg2,

The fact that this only happens sometimes makes me wonder if there's several Kibana versions behind your load balancer, depending on the Kibana server you reach, the bundle might or might not be available.

Can you please reach out to Elastic Cloud support with your deployment ID? You can use the contact form from or email That way we'd be able to provide more detailed support to your specific deployment.

ok I will. I have only 1 node of kibana though

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