Kibana Discover & Dashboards showing 15 minutes delay

I have 2 kibana spaces. One is working fine. But in another space data in Discovery and Dashboards showing delay 15 minutes. But data is continuously updating. What will be the issue ?

Are you looking at the same indices in both spaces? Usually the delay comes from ES ingestion and/or any processing done before that.

nope. Each space have their own indices. 2 indices showing live data but heartbeat index is showing 15 minutes delay in single space. on another space working fine without any issue.

Can some one help me on this issue. :neutral_face:

As shown in below images in same space heartbeat is not showing live or pushing to 15 minutes to back of time. I tried with 3 different heartbeat versions 7.10, 7.10.1 and 7.6.4 but no luck. I am trying default monitor found in heartbeat.yml. In another space get the data from another heartbeat server is working correctly.


Cany any one HelP:?

Kibana DIscover showing 15 minutes delay. Can any one help me?

Can some one please help me on this issue?

So the data showing up with 15 min delay, but timestamps are right?

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