Kibana Discover does not show this one column

My log file has 6 columns. I used the new File Data Visualizer to import the data. I created a search and the search results include all the columns. When I go in to Discover, this one column is always missing. Also, the other 5 columns have a Visualize button

Of course, column 5 is the one that I want.
column1:05/29/2019 03:45:02.08 column2:Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data column3:Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data.StoredProcException column4:01MTSDV121 column5:Departure Location has to be attached to file for activating this product. column6:atlas441_Customer column7: _id:_szSDWsBGj2At2ajwcOv _type:_doc _index:myindex _score:0
What am I doing wrong here?

Can you please paste the mapping for your index? Is this column in the associated Index Pattern in Kibana?

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