Kibana Discover Extremely Slow (unusable)

Hi All,

I have a bit of a problem and was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

I'm running Kibana 7.9.1 (docker container) (entire stack is 7.9.1), and the Discover feature is unusably slow. I don't believe its the Elasticsearch nodes, as I can use Grafana's Explore feature to view the logs and its able to return the same query within seconds, while Kibana takes minutes if ever to load in the data.

The issue really cropped up after upgrading to 7.9.x so unsure if it was a change somewhere that cause the issue.

Any help here would be appreciated.

What do your Elasticsearch and Kibana logs show?

Hi @BenB196

Additionally to the logs @warkolm requested, and in case they are inconspicuous, mind if you could use Inspect and have a look at the query time?

Just want to evaluate what's slow, the data fetching or the interface. From which version did you upgrade and what Browser do you use?

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I was able to figure out the issue. Someone had enabled search frozen indexes in Kibana, and there were a few frozen indexes with broad aliases that were being picked up. Disabling searching of frozen indexes resolved the issue.

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Thanks for letting us know! yes, the frozen ones need a bit time to melt!

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