Kibana discover shows disabled fields in "available fields" list

I specifically used index mapping to disable some high cardinality fields:

    "siteEntity": {
          "properties": {            
            "defaultPlacementsForMediaType": {
              "type": "object",
              "enabled": false

When I look at index pattern in Kibana, the field defaultPlacementsForMediaType is not in there, as expected.
However, Kibana discover is still trying to load every distinct value for that field and show in available fields list, which pretty much kills the page.

Is there a way to tell Kibana Discover to completely ignore that field ?



Ok, I just found there are source filters in Kibana index pattern and that took care of my problem

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Great that you managed to solve it. may I ask how much field there were added to Discover? the rendering as a result took then too long, right?

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