Hide some of "available fields" in Kibana Discover


We've structured our logs so that we have only a few indexed and searchable fields and all the rest goes into "extra" field that is not indexed and can't be searched (so we put there arbitrary keys and values that can also be deeply nested).

Everything is fine but all of these "extra" garbage is shown in "available fields" section and makes all the page hard to use sometimes.

"Filter by type" feature helps a bit (you can choose "searchable" there) but it is not saved and needs to be clicked manually every time.

I've tried to use "source filters" according like in this question:

and field really disappears from available fields but it also disappears from the data in table itself which is not acceptable.

Is there any way to exclude some particular field just from there (or even whitelist what can be shown there)?

Hi and welcome to our community

Thank you for your feedback, saving the last settings for the fields filter is a neat idea, and I've been adding a feature request for this

Currently it's not possible to hide those fields, but this is discussed, so this is welcome feedback for us, thx.


I've subscribed to this issue, thanks.

Is this discussion public (maybe on github too)? I would track it then too.

Both solutions will do the trick though so let's see what happens =)

Not yet, but there's an issue for a new field type to come : runtime fields, and this will lead to changes in this component: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/77107

Of course you could also open a feature request.

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