Apply index pattern Field filters to the "add filter" drop down selection

I have an index alias, of which the mapping has some fields that I no longer want in my index. The documents that contained these fields have been updated so that the fields have been removed.

My end goal is that i'd like to have these fields deleted, or at least hidden, from users accessing the data in Kibana - specificially when viewing the data in the Discover app, and/or applying filters to the data, and ideally to Visualisations and Dashboards where necessary too.

Because the index alias is made up of many indices, with large quantities of data, I would prefer not to reindex all the data into a new index alias with a fresh mapping as this would take a considerable amount of time.

Therefore, I looked at using "Field filters" in the Index Patterns section of Stack Management so I could try to hide said fields, however this appears to only hide them "when viewing a document in the Discover app, or with a table displaying results from a saved search in the Dashboard app" - i.e. the fields still are shown when users go to apply field filters.

Is there a way of hiding them so they wont be shown as a potential field filter?

Thank you for raising this. Currently this is not possible but I can totally get the confusion. I created one enhancement request here [Dataviews] Field filters filter out fields only on Discover · Issue #134305 · elastic/kibana · GitHub that you can track to initialize the discussion about excluding these fields from the filter bar and the visualization editors.

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Thank you!

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