Kibana Docker image - how to update default value elasticsearch.hosts

I have pulled docker image and hosted in Kubes. How do i edit the docker default value

elasticsearch.hosts = http://elasticsearch:9200/

any thoughts

Error Message
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2019-03-04T18:17:29Z","tags":["warning","elasticsearch","admin"],"pid":1,"message":"No living connections"}

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2019-03-04T18:17:32Z","tags":["warning","elasticsearch","admin"],"pid":1,"message":"Unable to revive connection: http://elasticsearch:9200/"}

There are several methods for configuring the image.

Bind-mounted configuration is a very robust and versatile choice.

I am trying to deploy image in Kubernetes as I have to Kube scripts instead of docker compose.

Bind mounted configuration will not help me. Any other choices ?

A lot of people like to use environment variables, too.

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