Kibana elasticsearch.hosts setting (7.1)

I have a 3 nodes cluster (version 7.1) in the following nodes:

And kibana is in The setting in the kibana.yml for elasticsearch.hosts is:
elasticsearch.hosts : ["", "", ""].

I can run kibana and see cluster health. But when I stop the elasticsearch in node, I expect kibana to point to other elasticsearch nodes but this is not the case and I get:
"message": "Client request error: connect ECONNREFUSED",
"statusCode": 502,
"error": "Bad Gateway"

Could someone please tell me why I can't connect. The ES documents say elasticsearch.hosts is an array of the elasticsearch hosts.

Hi @shahab
from our documentation Kibana will transparently connect to an available node and continue operating if another node went down.
This not apply for the case of the Console App that, as stated on the docs, is limited to connecting to the first node listed (as in your case)

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