Kibana Enhanced Table 2 Total Values on Different Condition

Hi, I have created an enhanced table now there is an option to do a sum on a computed column but it does the sum of the entire column whereas I want 2 sums based on condition.
Is it possible if yes then how?

Hi @Avnish_Singh -- It sounds like this feature is specific to the enhanced table plugin... The team at Elastic doesn't maintain that plugin, but our friend @fbaligand does. He may be able to provide you with more guidance as to whether this is an issue with the plugin, or with Kibana itself.

You may also consider opening an issue in the enhanced table repo in case your question doesn't get answered here.

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I’m not sure to fully understand your need.
Could you give a more precise example, with data, formulas, expected results, eventually snapshots?

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I have attached the Screenshot as of now there is 1 Total Sum Value But I need 2 sum values which I have mentioned in the screenshot.

Well, you can’t do this sum as is.
But you can create a computed column for sum1, where column value is conditional, based on Register column. And another computed column for sum2.

Thanks, @fbaligand and your enhanced table plugin is awesome man, Great work have a good day!

Thanks, happy to see that you enjoy it!

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