Kibana export lacking functionality compared to REST API

Version info: ELK 6.4.

In our workflow we would like to enable developers to create their dashboards, export them with all dependencies (index-patterns, searches, visualizations, dashboards) and re-import them automatically via Kibana's REST interface using our CD-pipeline. While the REST-API supports exporting a dashboard with all its dependencies, the export function in the GUI doesn't. Furthermore the GUI export produces a different JSON format than the REST-based export. The GUI export seems to be the result of an Elasticsearch query while the REST-API produces a more generic result (although the JSON-field names are quite the same, so the formats could be easily converted into each other, right?).

Certainly we could directly import the data into the .kibana index via the Elasticsearch API, which seems not to be a recommended practice. But the missing piece here is really an export function in the GUI which produces the whole tree of dependent objects like the REST-based dashboard export does.

Are there any plans to somehow harmonize these two approaches?
What are the recommended best practices for doing exports and automated imports?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

The GUI export is not quite what it needs to be at the moment, but there is work being done to make the API and GUI work in the same way.

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