Kibana Failed to start after creating a new plugin

please, brothers, do you have any suggestions?

Hi @fathi_rida,

Does your plugin have a .i18nrc.json file ? If so can you provide it? @Bamieh can help check it, he thinks maybe that file might be malformed JSON format.


@Liza_Dayoub thanks for your quick reply, I already have the .i18nrc.json file in the plugin folder, in the end, I deleted all the plugins and I re-run the plugin generator (script) and it works.
I don't know why it works, but anyways the diagnosis is not finished yet, I will come back to you if i have any news about this point

Thanks alot,

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Sounds great @fathi_rida ! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Missing a translations array in the .i18nrc.json file =>

Thanks for finding this @fathi_rida looks like the fix has been merged:

Let us know if you encounter any other issues.


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