Kibana field under split by aggregation pie charts

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I have tried to search this online but I keep getting irrelevant pages when I google my question. I'm not sure if its possible but it would be cool if there was an option.

I have split my pie chart, and the field name shows up underneath each chart, but the field title as well as "keyword" or "ascending" or "descending" shows up too. (See attached image)

While I want the "completed on time", "not processed" etc. to show I do not want the ":status:keyword" to be on the final dashboard as that is irrelevant for my final user and makes the visualization difficult to read in a quick view.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Edit: you can see an output like this one by split chart by term and then split slices by term.

(Bhavya R M) #2

@timroes I tried this in my local and cannot get it to work. Jen tried it too. Can we get your input here?


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