Pie Chart - Field name is not Visible

Hello Team,

We are facing one issue in Pie-chart visualization which is not showing a field named - "Hospitality". The amount/quantity is visible in pie-chart view but the field name alone not visible while viewing(not addressing that field like other fields).

We have used slices with terms, but it's not showing the field name; then we went for slices with filters option and tried name tag as 'Hosp'. Even though no clues. Can you please address this one ASAP? Attached the snippet for your reference.

Hey! Which version of Kibana do you use?
I guess that this happens because the label can't fit on the chart as the slice is small and on the top of the chart.
In 7.14 we introduced a new implementation of the pie chart that I think will solve this problem. The labels can be depicted inside the chart now.

You can also depict them outside (as before) if you wish

Hi Stratoula,

Thanks for your inputs.

We are currently using version of 7.5.1. Is there any option or remedy to resolve/fix this issue as a temporary solution in this version?

No we don't plan a new minor for v7.5. Is a quite old version. We are currently at 7.17. Have you tried to move the legend from the top to left or right? It might solve the problem. Just a thought, not sure that it will work :slight_smile:

Hi Stratoula,

Yeah we have tried that as well but no clues. FYR,

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