Kibana pie chart not showing all the labels

I m using Elasticsearch and Kibana - 7.10.1 Have created Pie-Chart visualization but currently it is not showing labels for all the slices. Below is my Chart and Label settings image.


Currently i have totally five slices but do not know why the label is missing only for few slices out of five?

Hi @mohanss08
Sometime it has to do with the size of the visual / size of the slices etc. You have the legend on is it not showing? Did you run update at the bottom?

Perhaps for Pie and Donut Chart... you might try the Lens visualizations they are really nice.

Hi @stephenb, In the normal pie chart size i have provided - 10 though i have only 5 labels to show. yes for each change that made i have validate through update option.

I have tried in Lens Visualization, Here it shows all the labels perfectly, but out of 5 slices 2 of their labels are showing outside and 3 inside the slices , But label position i want all to be displayed outside. i have option inside or outside only no option to show outside.

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