Labels issue in Kibana Visualization

I am using kibana 6.2.4 and i have created a pie chart visualization in which i am showing top 10 fields and in options i am selecting show lables so i am getting values on my piechart but as i have selected to show top 10 i should be able to see 10 labels but here i am not getting all the labels on refreshing the visualization i am getting different number of labels everytime. Can you please help me resolving this issue?

is it possible in the time span you are looking at that there are less than 10 unique values?

Can you perhaps post a screenshot?

Hi @Stacey_Gammon
The time span is not an issue.Because i am getting 10 slices but the labels are not correctly generated with respect to each slice. As you can see the green slice and few others the labels are not visible
So my issue is how can i show labels correctly for all the slices.Is this some bug because of reducing size of visualization? Also,the labels are getting trimmed on reducing size so how can this be resolved?

This is expected, though not necessarily ideal. See for more info and to jump in on the conversation!

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