Kibana Pie Chart Issue Version 7.16

We have recently upgraded ELK from Version 7.5 to Version 7.16.
After the version upgrade, facing some issue with the pie chart visualization. Earlier the pie chart's tooltip used to show the Custom Label defined for the field along with its value but now it only displays the field value, due to which its not easy to understand which value are we trying to represent.
If anybody knows how to enable any property by which we can show the custom labels in the pie chart that would be really helpful.
Thank You.

Attaching screenshot of visualization for reference.

Pie chart- version 7.16

Pie chart - version 7.5

Hi @tanvi.sehgal

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The new versions of the pie chart does not support yet the full context in the tooltip, but there's some work in progress about chart tooltips for the future.

As for now, you can enable the previous pie library to render for now: you can find the option in the Advanced Settings to switch

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