Kibana Filters in an Array

Is there an way to make a filter that works like this?

For example, I have a field in my documents that contains a text and is called streetNumber, and I want to get All documents that may be in this index, in a certain Array.

something like this:
streetNumber Has [88887,6664,3332,8883....N]

but without doing like this:

streetNumber: "88887" OR streetNumber: "6664" OR streetNumber: "3332" OR streetNumber: "8883"

Also, I need to that directly from the Kibana view.

I'm not sure I understand the goal. Is the issue mainly the verbosity of the query? If you're using KQL you can do streetNumber:(88887 or 6664 or 3332 or 8883)

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I'll try that, thanks

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